BucketSec is a service to scan AWS S3 buckets and check for misconfigurations.

BucketSec performs security checks and discovers publicly exposed buckets, verifies their access permissions and determines possible misconfigurations. Using BucketSec, bucket owners can safely and privately check the access policy of their S3 buckets, verifying whether the buckets are public, readable, or writable.

Do you want to read more about our analysis of insecure S3 buckets as of June 2018? Read our paper!.


Truster is an extension for the browser Google Chrome that uses BucketSec to automatically check whether any resource loaded from the websites you visit are from publicly writable (i.e., misconfigured) buckets. Check it out on Github!

Using our service? Please cite us!

If you are using our service, our browser extension, or our data for your academic research, we would be thankful if you could cite our work.

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